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Bharat Beyond

The Aryan Invasion Myth


Indian School Of Business, Hyderabad
07 December 2019

Limited registrations open for public. Hurry Up !

The Seminar

Bharat Beyond the Aryan Invasion Myth
07 Dec 2019
09:00 - 5:00

Pragna Bharathi, jointly with Indic Academy, is conducting a full day seminar on "Bharat beyond the Aryan Invasion Myth" on Dec 7th 2019 (Saturday) at Hyderabad.

At a time when the Aryan Invasion Theory is collapsing at a fast pace based on evidence against it being discovered every year, there is great need for non-specialist opinion makers and narrative builders to understand the nuances of the arguments of both sides, be able to assess the arguments, and see through propaganda. They should also be able to communicate the demise of the theory factually without over-representation. Learning from all the experts assembled at a single place would make this possible and will allow them to imagine an India beyond the Aryan Invasion Theory.

The intent is to have the top researchers and experts on the subject speak to an audience of selected non-specialists who are writers and opinion makers in their own fields -- writers, journalists, film script writers, judiciary and legal fraternity, religious leaders and pravachanakaras, traditional pundits, administrative academics and policy makers, university professors, researchers, advanced students of political science and history, social media influencers, etc. About 120 individuals from across the country will be selected for the event.


About Us

Pragna Bharati  is an independent nationalist think-tank founded in 1991 in Hyderabad, aimed to promote analytical thinking  about India-centric thoughts, India’s polity, nationhood, our intellectual property and Bharatiya ethical values. For the past 25 years, it has been offering a platform for intellectuals who could contribute to Indian way of thinking and who could influence national narratives and policy making on various issues including socio-economic, political, cultural, technological and strategic matters concerning the nation. Pragna Bharati organizes talks, seminars, round-table conferences, conclaves and symposia to brainstorm and spread thoughts and ideas to universities, research institutes and policy makers.

Indic Academy seeks to bring about a global renaissance based on indic civilizational thought by building centers of excellence, transforming intellectuals and building an ecosystem. Simultaneously seeks to preserve our traditional institutions, knowledge and practices, protect our identity from being distorted and promote our thought to local and global consumers, practitioners and seekers. Enables public intellectuals to discover the potential within their “self”, discover their aptitude as thinkers, organizers or communicators, pursue their passion for objective or subjective sciences, and choose the right career path as an academic, author, artist or activist.



Fourteen speakers who are top experts in their field are invited to speak at the seminar.

Two keynote lectures, five sessions.

Each session has two or more experts speaking.