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Bharatiya Pragna- A Nationalist Magazine for thinking people Since 1997

Pragna Bharati also publishes a monthly magazine Bharatiya Pragna, an English monthly intellectual journal with a nationalistic spirit and a universal outlook, published from Hyderabad.

Bharatiya Pragna aims at:

1 . Providing a rich mental pabulum to the inquisitive;

2. Finding ways and means to strengthen our democratic polity;

3. Attempting to prioritize the imperatives for a national agenda;

4. Forging a harmonious and strong, progressive and prosperous society within the compass of a peaceful

and happier world;

5. Dovetailing the quintessence of our hoary, yet eternal, glorious culture and philosophy with that of the

modern and latest, all aimed at catalyzing our national resurgence.

Other publications: Pragna Bharati has to its credit over 15 publications both in Telugu and English, in the form of full-length books and monograms.

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