About Us

India has been bestowed with abundant natural and mental resources. India has a continuous civilization. It has its own integrated philosophy of life which enables us to form a concrete opinion and judgment of every aspect of life. To see life, truth and nature as a continuum is the hallmark of our outlook.

In contrast, the Western view of life sees mind and matter, faith and reform, man and nature, religion and science as separate.

During the Eighties, there was a marked deterioration in India’s national affairs: lawlessness, anarchy, lack of security and disloyalty to the state coupled with increasing religious and caste disharmony, all-pervasive corruption and advocacy of multi-nationalism.

There was a need for patriotic citizens to cogitate on the reasons for this deterioration, and find ideas and programmes to recapture the true spirit of the nation and to build an ethical, endeavoring and achieving society. In order to meet such national needs, Pragna Bharati came into existence in 1991.

Pragna Bharati is part of umbrella of national organisation Prajna Pravah that stimulates, trains and synthesizes individuals to recognize the inherent strength of Bharath with academic vigor directed towards decolonizing Indian minds from Eurocentric impact. It functions with the sole vision of uplifting and reviving Hinduness in culture for emancipation of humanity.

Hindutva being assimilative and self-sustaining has the potential to liberate world from arrogance of power accumulated through dictatorship policies of the West. Prajna Pravah upholds the vision of incorporating the theme of nationalism in spiritual terms so that national intellect evolves with broadened dimension lifted above economic and political context and foster a sense of innovation & creativity towards benign outlook.

Our Mission

  • To present the sublime philosophy evolved by the ancient Bharatiya genius, and the Indian holistic approach based on the concept of the fundamental organic relationship between man, his environment and the cosmic process.

  • To analyse, assess and suitably re-orient the existing social structure.

  • To strive to bring modem science and technology in harmony with nature and higher human values.

  • To raise people’s thinking from narrow loyalties to all-encompassing loyalty to our country, our people, our culture, and indeed to all mankind.

  • To strengthen the resolve of the nation to fight against tendencies detrimental to the unity and integrity of our country.

  • To develop thought-process among our people about economics, politics, history, ethics, scientific and technological applications bearing upon the life and welfare of our people.