About us

Our Mission

1. To present the sublime philosophy evolved by the ancient Bharatiya genius, and the Indian holistic approach based on the concept of the fundamental organic relationship between man, his environment and the cosmic process.

2. To analyse, assess and suitably re-orient the existing social structure.

3. To strive to bring modem science and technology in harmony with nature and higher human values.

4. To raise people’s thinking from narrow loyalties to all-encompassing loyalty to our country, our people, our culture, and indeed to all mankind.

5. To strengthen the resolve of the nation to fight against tendencies detrimental to the unity and integrity of our country.

6. To develop thought-process among our people about economics, politics, history, ethics, scientific and technological applications bearing upon the life and welfare of our people.


We prepare an exhaustive list of intellectuals of the area.

We conduct periodical group-discussions, seminars, symposia, round-tables and invite competent scholars to deliver lectures followed by a Question & Answers session on topics relevant to the objectives of Pragna Bharati.

Also, we have set up a library of reference books and magazines for study and reference.

Finally, we publish important lectures delivered at our fora and other relevant materials.