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Pragna Bharati, is an Independent, Nationalist think tank founded in 1991 in Hyderabad, aimed to promote analytical thinking about India centric Thoughts, India’s Polity, Nationhood, Intellectual Property and Bharatiya Ethical values. For the past 27 years it has been offering a platform for intellectuals who could contribute to Indian way of thinking and who could influence national narratives and policy making on various issues including Socioeconomic, Political, Cultural, Technological and Strategic Matters concerning the Nation. We also organize Group Discussions, Round Table Conferences, Brain-Storming Sessions, Seminars, Workshops and Symposia at Major centers for various sections of intellectuals including youth. The content and recommendations of such intellectual deliberations are published in our Monthly English Magazine, “Bharatiya Pragna”, which is being published now for more than 21 years, to spread those wonderful thoughts and ideas to Universities, Libraries, Research Centers and to Policy Makers and is presently having a readership of more than 25,000.


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